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Wendy O'Brien
Call or Text: (508) 509 7388

Wendy Obrien is awesome! I am her broker writing this about Wendy,

I have to tell you that I recruited her for one year. I worked with her on a deal and knew that she was somebody that I had a lot of respect for and I wanted her on the Brook Realty team.

Every month I called her and said “here is your monthly call please come work with me, you are amazing and I want you on my team!” I got my wish and I am thrilled she is with me!

Wendy is an experienced real-estate agent who always goes above and beyond helping her clients. She really does… its not just words.  She has worked successfully with some of the craziest toughest transactions. Most agent’s would say, “bye bye now”… not Wendy.. she crashes through ceilings and makes things happen.

Wendy’s other passion is her farm. “Wendy’s Farm’ is a full working farm with horses, cows, goats, chickens, pigs and an awesome dog named Khaleesi. 

Wendy works with investors, sellers and buyers extremely well. She has great communication skills and truly cares about her people. Again, its not just words, Wendy really cares about her people. 


call/text 508-509-7388

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