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Mario Mastro
Call or Text: (508) 326-0526

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I am a full time realtor and have been with Brook Realty for 4 years. I have used Brook Realty in my last three personal real estate transactions. This is why I chose their RE brokerage and you should too. We have an excellent team starting with Ruth my broker who has 30 years of experience. Our attorneys and lenders are second to none. I can say this firsthand because I personally worked with all of them as a  consumer and now as a professional.


My personal strengths as a realtor is having worked in construction since 1977, holding a current construction license since 1983 and owning my own residential remodeling business for 29 years. I know houses from concrete foundations to asphalt roofs and everything in between. Also, because I am a lifelong martial artist, know that Honor, Integrity and Respect are not just tag line words. It is how I treat my clients, agents and customers in every business I have ever owned. Remember, “bigger is not better, better is better”.

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